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Computer Related Most Important Full Forms

 ACPI : Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

 ALU : Arithmetic logic unit

AC : Alternating Current

AM : Amplitude Modulated

AMD : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

AMI : American Megatrends Inc.

ANSI : American National Standards Institute

APIC : Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

APM : Advanced Power Management

ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIC : Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ASPI : Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

AT : Advanced Technology

ATA : AT Bus Attachment

ATAPI : ATA Packet Interface

ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BBS : Bulletin Board System

BCC : Block Check Character

BSC : Binary Synchronous Communications

BSD : Berkeley Standard Distribution

BTU : British Thermal Units

BCD : Binary Coded Decimal

BIOS : Basic Input / Output System

BNC : Bayonet Nut Connector

BPS/bps : Bytes/bits Per Second

CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAD : Computer Aided Design

CAS : Column Address Strobe

CPU :  Central Processing Unit

CPI : Clocks Per Instruction

CR : Carriage Return

CUI :  Composite User Interface

CRT : Cathode Ray Tube

CRC : Cyclical Redundancy Check

CD : Carrier Detect & Compact Disc

CD-R : Compact Disc-Recordable

CD-RW : Compact Disc-ReWritable

CD-ROM : Compact disc read-only memory

CGA : Color Graphics Adapter

CHS : Cylinder Head Sector

COMPUTER : Common Oriented Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research

CMOS : Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

CSR : Command Status Register

CTS : Clear To Send

DVI : Digital Visual Interface

DVD : Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc

DAT : Digital Audio Tape

DC : Direct Current

DCD : Data Carrier Detect

DCE : Data Circuit-terminating Equipment

DD : Double Density

DEC : Digital Equipment Corporation

DIP : Dual-In-line Package

DMA : Direct Memory Access

DMI : Desktop Management Interface

DOS : Disk Operating System

DPE : Data Parity Error

DRAM : Dynamic Random Access Memory

DS : Double Sided

DSP : Digital Signal Processor

DSR : Data Set Ready

DTC : Data Terminal Controller

DTE : Data Terminating Equipment

DTR : Data Terminal Ready

EBCDIC : Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EC : Error Check

ECC : Error Check and Correction

ECP : Enhanced Communication Port

ECU : EISA Configuration Utility

EDO : Extended Data Out RAM

EEPROM : Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EGA : Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EIA : Electronic Industries Association

EIDE : Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics

EISA : Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture

EMI : Electro-Magnetic Interference

EMF : Electro-Magnetic Force

EMS : Expanded Memory Specification

EOF : End Of File

EOL : End Of Line

EPP : Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM : Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ESCD : Extended System Configuration Data

ESD : Electro-Static Discharge

ESDI : Enhanced Small Devices Interface

FTP : File Transfer Protocol

FAT : File Allocation Table

FCC : Federal Communications Commission

FDD : Fixed/Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI : Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDM : Frequency Division Multiplexing

FDX : Full-Duplex Transmission

FE : Front End

FEP : FrontEnd Processor

FF : Form Feed

FIFO : First-In First-Out

FILO : First-In Last-Out

FM : Frequency Modulation

FPGA : Field Programmable Gate Array

FPM : Fast Page Mode RAM

FPU : Floating Point Unit

FRC : Functional Redundancy Checking

FRU : Field-Replaceable Unit

FSF : Free Software Foundation

FSK : Frequency Shifty Keying

GUI : Graphical user interface

GAS : Gallium Arsenide

HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language