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Important questions of general knowledge in English.

 1. In which state the sun rises first in India?

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

2. Which is the highest honor of India?

Ans- Bharat Ratna

3. Who was the first Indian woman to be awarded Bharat Ratna?

Ans- Indira Gandhi (in 1971)

4. Where does the monsoon come first in India?

Ans- In the state of Kerala (in the first week of June)

5. Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?

Ans- Bodh Gaya

6. Who was the first Governor General of India?

Ans- Lord William Bentinck

7. Which is the first country to send man to the moon?

Ans- United States of America (U.S.A)

8. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of which vitamin?

Ans- Due to Vitamin A

9. Which country invented paper?

Ans- China

10. Who is the discoverer of the solar system?

Ans- Copernicus

11. Which is the script of Hindi language?

Ans- Devanagari script

12. Insulin is used for the treatment of which disease?

Ans- In the treatment of diabetes

13. Where is the highest rainfall in India?

Ans- In Masinram (Meghalaya)

14. Who was the first female ruler of India?

Ans- Razia Sultan Begum

15. Who invented the television?

Ans- John Logie Baird

16. Where and when did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?

Ans- Amritsar (1919 AD)

17. Which is the brightest and hottest planet?

Ans- Venus planet

18. Which is the boundary line between India and Pakistan?

Ans- Radcliffe Rekha

19. How many verses are there in Ramayana composed by Maharishi Valmiki?

Ans – 24,000

20. Which planet is associated with the festival of Eid?

Ans- Moon

21. How many Hindu Puranas are there?

Ans- 18

22. According to Hindu Puranas, who was the Guru of Asuras?

Ans- Guru Shukracharya

23. According to the Puranas, whose chariot is of seven horses?

Ans- Surya

24. What was the name of the charioteer of Dhritarashtra?

Ans – Sanjay

25. Who founded Agra?

Answer – Sikandar Lodi (1504 AD)

26. How many years did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

Answer – 22 years

27. Which city is known as Pink City?

Answer – Jaipur (Rajasthan)

28. What is the meaning of RAM in computer language?

Answer – Random Access Memory

29. Who killed Curzon Wyllie?

Answer – Madanlal Dhingra

30. Which acid is found in vinegar?

Answer – Acetic acid (CH₃COOH)

31. Who appoints the Chief Justice of the High Court?

Answer – President

32. The capital of Cuba is?

Answer – Havana

33. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?

Answer – Badruddin Tyabji

34. Money Bill is introduced in which house only?

Answer – Lok Sabha

35. Which is the chemical substance present in bones and teeth?

Answer – Calcium phosphate Ca₃(PO₄)₂

36. Aihole (Aihole) inscription is related to which king?

Answer – Pulakeshin-II (II)

37. Who is the founder of Vikramshila University?

Answer – Raja Dharmapala (Pala Dynasty)

38. Infrared waves have less frequency than

Answer – 20 Hz (Hz

49. With whose help the fish takes its breath?

Ans- With the help of gills

50. Who was the first woman governor of India?

Ans- Sarojini Naidu

51. Who was the founder of ‘Brahma Samaj’?

Ans- Rajaram Mohan Roy

52. Who is the father of Indian space program?

Ans- Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

53. Who gave the slogan ‘You give me blood, I will give you freedom’?

Ans- Subhash Chandra Bose

54. When did the battle of Buxar take place?

Ans- In 1764 AD

55. Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest twice?

Ans- Santosh Yadav